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3%. That’s the average conversion rate for e-commerce sites across sectors and markets. Conversion rate (CR) is a major, if not the main, KPI for e-commerce sites. CR, along with the volume of quality traffic that you can generate towards your website, drives Web stores outcomes: revenue and profit.

The smartest sites found a way to do more with conversion, using a powerful, yet under-exploited angle: the shoppers’ decision-making profiles.

You haven’t used consumer psychological buying profiles yet? You should consider it. Here is why.

1️⃣ The benefits of behavioural insight for e-commerce

  • It optimises the online experience, therefore reinforcing shoppers’ appetite and loyalty for your brand or your site.
  • It is simple and straightforward to implement, whether your processes are already highly sophisticated or with room for improvement.
  • Thanks to the understanding of individual decision-making profiles, and then acting on them, your site and your targeted marketing activities will prompt: faster consumer’s decisions + keep your potential buyers on-site + bring them back again and again, as you offer an experience that resonates with their psychological buying profile, which is usually not the case today.

2️⃣ Building a virtuous value-chain based on psychological profiles

  • Revenue: increasing your conversion rates is the most cost-effective way to build your revenue. Instead of spending your marketing budget on advertising (which reduces the quality of your traffic), CRO is the most reliable way to get more sales.
  • Value: improving your conversion rate means your website offers more value. Paying attention to user experience, reassuring your customers, or adding persuasive content to your website, are all actions that ad value to the products you sell and to your own brand.
  • Remarketing: the best audience for future sales is… former customers. Re-marketing is a huge part of an effective marketing mix, but it can’t take place unless you make the first sale. Finding a way to turn a few more uncertain visitors into customers (and then re-marketing to them) is more efficient than spending big on marketing to strangers.
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All in all, this is creating a short and long-term virtuous circle: increased and repeat quality traffic towards your site; and within your site, a consumer journey that can really be personalised. This translates both into a better experience and increased conversion.

E-commerce conversion using customer’s decision-making profiles: how does it work, how can you actually implement shoppers’ profiles and increase conversion on e-commerce websites? Download our eBook to learn the key elements (the first part covers the basics of optimisation, the second part explores decision-making profiles and implementation).

As always, we are here to help. Want to know more about E-commerce conversion using customer’s decision-making profiles? Do feel free to get in touch with Jean Littolff or Peter Coopmans at Addrelevance.

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The Addrelevance solution ( significantly increases online conversion. Their innovative process is unique: powered by Artificial Intelligence, it goes well beyond current online targeting, personalisation, and segmentation solutions, by predicting website visitors’ decision-making profiles.

Addrelevance is supporting e-commerce sites and digital media (advertisers, brands, ad & media agencies, publishers): they use the buyers’ profiles provided in real-time by Addrelevance to serve content, value propositions, and call to action that do trigger consumers’ action.

Addrelevance is an AI, data, and adtech startup based in Belgium. They are supported by Microsoft, by imec.istart, and are an IAB approved vendor (GDPR and TCF 2.0 compliant). 

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Hyper-personalise your ads and content, based on each visitor decision-making profile. Addrelevance offers you a Neuromarketing framework, tool and consultancy.

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