Interview about AI in marketing and advertising, with Professor Joost Vennekens from KU Leuven

In this second extract of an insightful interview with Joost Vennekens, we discuss how  Artificial Intelligence makes a big difference in marketing and advertising, and more specifically in personalization.

For marketing and advertising, as well as for numerous other domains, the great potential for AI is that these AI systems, they can actually learn from more data than we as humans could ever hope to understand. So they can process vast amounts of data a lot more than you or I could ever process by hands. So for instance, in the context of advertising, this can allow an AI system to kind of pick up on really tiny differences between different people, which would allow them to automatically adopt a sales strategy that is very tailor made to one specific individual. And I think that’s such an individualized approach could be really promising to really give a specific individual the kind of information that they really need, but it would be far too complex to develop and implement such an individualized approach by hand.

Joost Vennekens is an Associate Professor in the KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Technology.
His research is on applications of Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Knowledge Representation and Logic-based Artificial Intelligence. He collaborates with several international companies on projects to develop industrial AI applications. He is a board member of the BeNeLux Association for Artificial Intelligence and a member of the steering committee of the Leuven.AI institute.
Keywords: applications of artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, causality, uncertainty in artificial intelligence, logic-based artificial intelligence



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