AI for hyper-personalization and online conversion – Addrelevance at CogX

Addrelevance at CogX Festival 2021

Addrelevance will be at the CogX Festival 2021 this year! We’ll focus on AI for hyper-personalization and online conversion, especially in the e-commerce space.

Join us, global leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists. We are addressing the question “How do we get the next 10 years right? #CogX2021”

With Addrelevance, we will be presenting how AI enables hyper-personalisation, which drives much increased online conversion: on Web stores and e-commerce sites, for digital media and advertising. Conversion Rates (think CRO) and click-through rates (CTR) are maximized. Traffic and leads benefit from significant increase.

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CogX Festival:
When? June 14th-16th, 2021
Where? Online and in London Kings Cross.

You can get a free pass to the event by contacting us at

About CogX Festival 2021

CogX is a global leader in AI and emerging technology. It’s mission is to bring clarity to, and accelerate adoption of AI across all organizations from global enterprises to startups, and help ensure a safe and responsible transition to an AI-driven society.

The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to address the biggest questions, achievements and challenges of the influential technologies shaping our future.

From June 14th-16th, 2021, the CogX Festival will go ahead as a hybrid in-person and virtual gathering at the distinguished King’s Cross Estate in London. We’ll be bringing the excitement of the Festival to multiple sites within the Knowledge Quarter’s vast, two million square feet estate. Between its spacious indoor areas and open air spaces, we’ll safely gather for three invigorating days of inspiring sessions and candid conversations.

Following government guidelines, the CogX team is putting  health and safety  first and working unbelievably hard to protect our community, partners and suppliers throughout the Festival.

With an unmissable agenda and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we’re expecting over 100,000 online and in-person visitors*, including 1,000 speakers across 18 topic stages.

CogX signature features:

  • The Global Leadership Summit
  • The 5th edition of the CogX  Awards
  • Extraordinary breadth of content and topics
  • An Expo to discover and explore ideas
  • Intelligent and serendipitous networking

Our theme this year is, ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’ and gathers the best in their fields to:

  • Inspire current and future generations of leaders
  • Move conversations forward with concrete actions
  • Celebrate the latest innovations, especially those focused on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Continue the fight for equality, diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of society
  • Help reframe the climate emergency as the biggest economic opportunity in the last 200 years

*The CogX guarantee: If Covid creeps back up and the Government enforces new restrictions, we’ll move all our brilliant speakers and sessions onto our lively virtual platform. As for your in-person pass, you can either  ask for a full refund  or get  two in-person passes  to CogX Festival 2022. Whatever you choose, we’ll also give you a  free Premium Virtual Pass  so you can join the 2021 Festival from home.

You can get a free pass to the event by contacting us at


Hyper-personalise your ads and content, based on each visitor decision-making profile. Addrelevance offers you a Neuromarketing framework, tool and consultancy.

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