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  • We aim to create a cutting-edge podcast for marketers and advertisers: we cover AI, neurosciences, and the latest practices that impact personalization, conversion, and monetization. 
  • Every week, some of the best experts around will share their feedback: our goal is to help digital marketers and advertisers access and implement the solutions that maximize their outcomes and KPIs (campaign performance, clicks, conversion, growth, revenue).

What can Artificial Intelligence bring to Marketing and Advertising? The view of an AI expert, Professor Joost Vennekens from KU Leuven

How is Artificial Intelligence a game-changer in digital marketing? The view of an AI expert: Professor Joost Vennekens from KU Leuven


Hyper-personalise your ads and content, based on each visitor decision-making profile. Addrelevance offers you a Neuromarketing framework, tool and consultancy.

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