Ethics are important in AI

Timnit Gebru

As we are working with AI and digital advertising, we felt concerned on December 9th, 2020. It was when the news came out that Google had fired Timnit Gebru. She was part of a group hired to work on accountability and ethics in Artificial Intelligence at Google. You can find all the details if you… google “Timnit Gebru” (no pun intended)!

But as a small company using AI in digital marketing, it made us pause and think about the ethics of our solution. We optimize digital advertising and website content, using Artificial Intelligence. And at Addrelevance, we take ethics very seriously. That’s why we’ve initially chosen to work with the Buying Modalities Framework: this framework is all about helping visitors of a website find the most useful content to make a well-founded decision (not to push them, or to manipulate them).

At Addrelevance, we have also decided to create an ethics charter and we’re following the industry TCF standards on privacy (IAB TCF2.0).

In an age where AI is being used more and more in decision making processes that have a big impact on our (daily) lives, it’s important to think about the ethics.

Check out our Ethical Charter.

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