The most efficient solution to increase online conversion

Addrelevance reveals what type of content drives the decision process of website visitors.

The outcomes are spectacular and proven: it increases the ad’s relevance, CTR, and conversion rate. We have references from companies like KIA Belgium, Audi Belgium, Produpress and Space.

We are currently looking for a buyer for the platform (including the IP rights). If you are interested - please send an email to peter[at]

Some of our clients

Produpress, KIA Belgium, European Investment Bank, Proximus, Engie Electrabel

Clients like this

Produpress Advertising
European Investment Bank
Unique approach. Maximum results.

We focus on what triggers action

Addrelevance decision making profile predictions are unique since we focus on what triggers action.

We enable our clients to increase their CTR by up to 50%, by increasing the relevancy of the content of retargeting ads, email campaigns and consumer journeys.

Our solution is adopted by e-commerce companies, brands and publishers.

A banner campaign for KIA Belgium

How we do it


Behavioral data

We capture the behavioral data of each unique visitor of a website.


Our algorithm

Our algorithm predicts the decision making profile of each visitor.


Relevant content

Our clients show the most relevant ad or content - based on our predictions.

A solution for e-commerce, publishers and brands

Is Addrelevance a match for you?

  • You are a sales director at a publisher wanting to maximize your digital ad revenue.
  • You're an experienced marketer looking to improve your retargeting, email, ad and personalization campaigns.
  • You're a campaign manager looking to generate the same number of leads with a reduced budget.
  • You're none of the above, but you just want to get more leads or sales ...

Proven Results

What our clients have to say about us.

"Via Addrelevance we can personalize our digital campaigns just a little further. The target groups feel more addressed, and we can see that in the figures."
Sander Van de Wiele

Digital Campaign Manager - KIA

"Thanks to the Addrelevance platform we’re now able to offer our advertisers an increase up to 50% of the CTR of their banner campaigns they run on our sites."
Karina Jacobus

Sales Director - Produpress


Hyper-personalise your ads and content, based on each visitor decision-making profile. Addrelevance offers you a Neuromarketing framework, tool and consultancy.

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